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They're passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated! They are sommeliers and chefs who, through their unlimited voluntary involvement, help us promote together the island's culinary and wine culture beyond our borders. They are our finest ambassadors: Sophie, Dumé, Antoine, Céline, Nicolas, Laurence, Christophe, Romain, Vanessa, Raphaël...

Whether at Wine Paris, at ProWein or the Salon de l'Agriculture, the sommeliers support us and, through their knowledge, enrich the discourse around the wines of Corsica. Apart from these major events, you can find them in their restaurants, cellars or during training.


Sophie Mirande

I've been president of the Corsican Sommeliers Association since the start of 2020. The association has 35 members.

My goal: to unite everyone. We organised one tasting per month in 2021. The association operates thanks to the partnership with CIVCorse: Wine Paris, one-off activities in Grenoble or Bordeaux, Prowein, Luri, the Nuits du Millésime... We're always involved in CIVCorse activities. It's a win-win partnership.

I love all the appellations. This summer, I enjoyed presenting Corsica's rosés to demonstrate the diversity and richness of the appellations. But I must confess to a real weakness for Vermentinu. You can see it all, from simplicity and vivacity to an evolution and complexity according to its containers, its terroirs; the art of the winemaker reveals the soul of the wine.

With new collections of grape varieties, we will gradually replace international grape varieties.



I'm a wedding and event planner. At the events I organise, I'm keen to promote Corsica's wines, as 90% of people who get married on the island live on the mainland or abroad. I work in partnership with caterers and winemakers, and coordinate all the service providers so that the wedding or event is a real success. What I like when I work with CIVCorse is the contact; I like challenges, we're a link with everyone (winemakers, PR agency, visitors...). It's the alchemy that feeds me. I like being involved well in advance and working with Caroline, who always has fantastic ideas. These are moments for meeting Corsica's sommeliers, who are usually scattered around the island. These are the moments we missed this year.

My favourite grape variety: Sciaccarellu for its spicy, peppery aromas. I love the way Sciaccarellu changes over the years...


Romain Aicardi-Cruciani

I'm a hotelier restaurateur (and NDLR sommelier) at the Sole E Monte hotel.

I'm also taking the courses of a BTS Viti-oeno to deepen my knowledge and the basics of wine. With CIVCorse, I like the many challenge. It's a cultural opening, when we attend international trade fairs and meet the winemakers and professionals from all over Corsica. I extended the offer in my restaurant thanks to the CIVCorse challenge, and now offer other recipes, other textures in my village. I prepare peasant soups at an international trade fair. I can do new things at these events. What do I like about Corsica's wines The diversity of grape varieties, the ampelographical wealth with its blends.

My favourite grape variety is Sciaccarellu, a very fine grape, it's comforting, you get real pleasure from Sciaccarellu. Grown properly, Sciaccarellu ages very well. It's a living grape variety.


Celine Fagard

I've worked at the Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa for 18 years, where I'm in charge of the bar. I'm also a member of the Corsica Sommeliers Association. I love Corsican winemakers - they're welcoming, they want to share their work. What I like about the island is that its lands are varied and tell a different story about the same grape varieties. CIVCorse takes great care of its wine growers. They go to the SIA and Wine Paris, they're big on communication compared to other interprofessional organisations.

It's dynamic, I'm thinking of the Advent Calendar, for example. I'm a big fan of Sciaccarellu: it's spicy, it's tasty, it's full of fruit. I really like it.


Raphael Pierre Bianchetti

I dedicate the bulk of my time to leading a training organisation on Corsican wines for catering, cellar, commercial and grocery store staff; to sum up: all those who market Corsican wines. I also organise events centred around wine tourism.I also run the Ecole du Vingt. When I think of Corsican wines, I think of the Sommeliers Association. In this way, we have created links. We feel we're partners of CIVCorse, and I take great pride in mixing with and representing a world I consider my own family.

CIVCorse is about winemakers; it's a chance we have to support them beyond the island and arrange some unforgettable encounters. I'm a fan of Minustellu, its fruit, its flexibility, its generosity. This is the basis of a grape variety that really suits my tastes. I admit a weakness for eternal wines, those of Muscat du Cap Corse. These are wines that are sufficient in themselves; wines of great richness. It's the appellation I like.


Dume Peretti

I've just started at the Anne-Sophie Pic three-star gourmet restaurant in Valencia. What I like about Corsican wines is their identity, the native grape varieties. I'm a fan of the Ajaccio appellation and admit a degree of affection for Figari. I'm a fan of Sciaccarellu, which has a lot of energy, spices, and a light, creamy tannic base.

What I like about CIVCorse is the dynamism of the sector, allowing people to discover what's going on.


Antoine Soria

I'm a cellerman/sommelier at Empreinte du Vin in Bastia.

I love the typical nature of Corsica, its climate, its grape varieties, its wine growers and their different characters, from north to south.

What I love about CIVCorse is discovering the Corsican wines and culture.

CIVCorse is an excellent ambassador. My personal grape variety Carcaghjolu Neru, because I made wine with Clos Canereccia and I still carry those odours within me.


Christophe Giraud

I'm a consultant in the catering and wines sector.

I look after the south of France wine menu, restaurants, and work on preserves. I'm also a CHRD trainer. I love the identity of Corsican wines, the stories they convey and the taste they have.

I've been working with CIVCorse since 2003, and I set up the first Corsican restaurant at Vinexpo in Bordeaux to promote culinary know-how associated with Corsica wines. Wine is an anchoring point and a link between Corsican identity products and the world.

It's a way to convey information, discover the island and its history with wine. Vermentinu is one of my 3 favourite white grape varieties in the world.

This grape variety is very classy, produces exceptional wines and you can use them however you want.

It has the ability to age over a very long time. In red, I have a particular fondness for the old Niellucciu on AOP Patrimonio. After 10/15 years, it really flourishes. I like this grape, but you have to wait a long time.



Knowing about the work of other interprofessional organisations in France, I find that the work done with such a small team is remarkable.

With so few resources, communication is extremely human and bold. We have ways to create our audacity and our modernity. They are a dynamic avant-garde and a real force for proposition. Corsica doesn't have the weight of history, but a freedom of tone and amazing creation.The work of the winemakers is to allow our multiple soils to speak for themselves; our horizon is almost infinite. And my job is to be the spokesman for this adventure. The winemakers explore and seek out; we're partners in this adventure.

My favourite grape is Vermentinu, it's multi-faceted, it translates wonderfully well what's in the cellar and it's an intelligent grape. It can make young wines, old, semi-dry. It can be varietal or mineral. It adopted Corsica as we adopted it in turn.